Paradise Lagoon

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Professional watercolour paint handcrafted in our Toronto-based studio.

We had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Coco Bee to create this unique colour. A rich, deep blue with vibrant green scattered throughout; inspired by the sun-kissed waves of the ocean. Now part of our permanent range of colours!

Each pan is wrapped in Coco Bee's lovely brushwork.

  • Made with Prussian Blue (Milori/Iron Blue) PB27 + Interference Green Mica

  • Very Lightfast

  • Semi-Transparent

  • Staining

  • Dark Valued

  • Intense Blue

  • Green Shimmer/Shift

"My philosophy for painting is process-focused rather than the results. I see the paintbrush as a tool for self-expression and the paints as living breathing entities that give the process of art creation life".


Learn more about Coco Bee at or IG/FB/Youtube @cocobeeart

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