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Genzäh Handmade Watercolours

Naphthol Red Medium

Naphthol Red Medium

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Professional watercolour paint handcrafted in our Toronto-based studio.

  • Made with Naphthol Red Medium (PR170)
  • Lightfast
  • Semiopaque
  • Heavily staining
  • Dark valued
  • Very intense red.

Made with the highest quality dried pigments and simple ingredients like clove oil and locally sourced wildflower honey. No fillers, brighteners, extenders or chemical preservatives; just pure colour.

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Customer Reviews

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Jane Forth
Stunning Color

In painting an imaginary sunset I had used Pyrrole Orange and added Naphthol Red Medium to the still wet paper. The result - really stunning as Naphthol Red pooled creating intensity and eye catching interest. When dry the pigments were still as intense as they were wet. The “Wow” factor really in this one. I can see this one will be a favorite!