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Genzäh Handmade Watercolours



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Professional watercolour paint handcrafted in our Toronto-based studio.

This colour shifts with the light reflecting a
 beautiful array of violets, purples, and hints of deep blue. Beautiful as a thin wash yet buildable for intense colour. Try mixing with your favourite colours, the results are truly unique!

  • Made with aluminium oxide laminated with titanium dioxide, tin oxide and zirconic oxide.

Made with the highest quality dried pigments and simple ingredients like clove oil and locally sourced wildflower honey. No fillers, brighteners, extenders or chemical preservatives; just pure colour.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cat Charissage
Rich brilliance.

When I opened this up, I was expecting purple or lavender, but it is white tinged with a little color. Even on white watercolor paper it doesn't stand out ---- yet it lends a very shimmery lavender brightness which really comes out when the light plays on it. But on BLACK watercolor paper, IT IS WONDROUS!!! So rich of a purple, but also shimmery and light filled. I can't wait to try it out over some other watercolor washes. Seems very versatile.

Jane Forth

Very beautiful. Genzäh palette of colors unique and I find washes of them on watercolors on which I’m working have added subtle, complimentary finish. I feel lucky to be painting with these extraordinary creative watercolors.