The Halloween Set

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Get into the spooky season with this Halloween themed palette!

Professional watercolour paint handcrafted in our Toronto-based studio.

Made with the highest quality dried pigments and simple ingredients like clove oil and locally sourced wildflower honey. No fillers, brighteners, extenders or chemical preservatives; just pure colour.

8 standard-sized half pans — fits perfectly in your existing palette.


Stormy Gray

Ultramarine Violet

Cosmic Moss

Cadmium Green


Spanish Gold Ochre

Pyrrole Orange

Alizarin Crimson

Each of our paints has a unique combination of ingredients depending on the pigments used. The pigment is enveloped in our binding solution with a paint muller on a glass slab until it reaches the perfect consistency. The pans are then filled in thin layers over several weeks to ensure they are rich and highly concentrated.