Holiday Collection 2020

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Treat yourself or someone special to this limited-edition set.

Featuring 5 new shades along with some of your favourites. Beautifully gift-wrapped in a gold box lined with black velvet and topped with a blue satin bow.

This set includes 9 pans:

Cobalt Blue (PB28)
Indanthrone Blue
Prussian Blue
Blue Spruce
(PG26 + Interference Blue Mica)
Titanium White
(Laminated Mica)
(Laminated Silicon Dioxide)

Limited quantities are available, don't miss out!

Professional watercolour paint handcrafted in our Toronto-based studio.

Made with the highest quality dried pigments and simple ingredients like clove oil and locally sourced wildflower honey. No fillers, brighteners, extenders, or chemical preservatives; just pure colour.