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In addition to our $1000 pledge, we're also accepting donations to the Black Legal Action Centre (BLAC).

"The mission of the Black Legal Action Centre (BLAC) is to educate, advocate, and litigate to combat individual and systemic anti-Black racism in Ontario.

  • We educate both inside and outside our community to empower through knowledge and change attitudes and behaviours that contribute to anti-Black racism;
  • We advocate for justice both inside and outside the systems and institutions that play integral roles in our lives as Black people, in order to achieve Black liberation; and
  • We litigate to break down barriers that preclude our full participation in society.

In doing so, we will focus on working with our community and others with a goal of reciprocal and respectful listening and learning. Through rigorous community engagement and by challenging historically oppressive institutions, BLAC will endeavour to explore, understand, and re-imagine what it means to be Black in Ontario."

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