Autumn Colours Set #1

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Professional watercolour paint handcrafted in our Toronto-based studio.

A beautifully well-rounded palette featuring a selection of shades inspired by Autumn's vibrant and subtle colours. Perfect for mixing hundreds of gorgeous hues.

This set includes 9 pans:

Red Oxide Deep (PR101)
Pyrrole Red (PR254)
Spanish Gold Ochre (PY42)
Green Umber (PBr7)
Sunset Gold (Mica)
Cadmium Yellow Medium (PY37)
Lamp Black (PBk6)
Prussian Blue (PB27)
Viridian (PG18)

Made with the highest quality dried pigments and simple ingredients like clove oil and locally sourced wildflower honey—no fillers, brighteners, extenders, or chemical preservatives; just pure colour.