Holiday Collection 2021

The 2021 Holiday Collection is here.

Treat yourself or someone special to this limited-edition set. Featuring 7 new shades inspired by cozy winter nights spent next to the fireplace.

Thank you to everyone who placed an order this year!


Time runs out on 2021-12-21 at 12:00 AM EST
Save time this holiday season

Each set comes beautifully wrapped in thick iridescent paper topped with a burgundy satin bow. No need to wrap it yourself!

new! Hearth

A gorgeous deep brown-violet with pink and gold shimmer throughout inspired by brick bathed in light from the fire.

new! Embers

This shade echoes the stunning colours of hot coals in the fireplace. A rich black with shimmering reds, oranges, and a hint of gold sparkles.

new! Burnt Umber

Made with PBr7 a very dark, semi-opaque, staining earth brown pigment. An absolute staple in any artist's palette.


This shade shifts dramatically with wonderful variations of violet, green, blue, and hints of yellow. A silvery shine remains at each viewing angle, like sunlight hitting fresh snow.

new! Pyrrole Red

Made with PR254 a very lightfast, semi-opaque, highly staining, dark valued, very intense red pigment. Great for mixing a wide range of punchy shades.

new! Burnt Sienna

Made with PBr7 a dark valued, lightly staining, semi-opaque earth orange pigment. Extremely versatile and excellent for mixing.

new! Cobalt Green Extra Deep

Made with PG26 a very lightfast, opaque, staining, dark valued, subdued blue-green pigment. Stunning granulation and perfect for foliage and landscapes.

new! Cadmium Yellow Medium

Made with PY37 a lightfast, semi-opaque, staining, very light valued, intense yellow pigment. Truly radiant with a unique texture.

Royal Gold

A delightfully warm metallic gold. Achieve subtle sparkles in a thin wash or load your brush with pigment for a leafing effect.